• The Crumbles Chronicles: Battle of the Paper Bags (Book 1)

    Narrated by Crumbles himself, Battle of the Paper Bags tells a humorous “tail” about how an insecure rescue pup faces his arch nemesis (well, one of them) – big brown paper bags! But can a nervous pup such as Crumbles really battle the bags and win? Bark along with this hapless hero as he deals with his own identity crisis, his overwhelming fear of everyday objects, and a yearning to have a real super power. Along the way, Crumbles meets Napoleon, a tiny poodle with a big attitude, Chip, a frantic rodent, and Whisper, the wise bunny. Crumbles also shares his amusing Crumbles Code Rules, such as “ I pee on Myself. Deal with it.” and “Don’t Touch My Tail. Ever.” Hilarious but heartwarming, Crumbles shows us that anyone can be a hero. Proceeds benefit shelters. Grades 1-4 / 104 pages / Paperback/ Eifrig Publishing LLC / Distributed by Ingram & Follett / Retail $7.99

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  • Crumbles Cover 3D

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  • NEW! The Crumbles Chronicles: Snout vs. Snowman (Book 2)

    Narrated by Crumbles the dog, Snout vs. Snowman takes kids on another adventure with their favorite rescue pup. This time, Crumbles (and crew) must defeat the evil snowman army before they freeze all of his humans and turn them into a snow human army! Filled with humor, teamwork and crisis management, Snout vs. Snowman brings back familiar characters and introduces new ones. You will get to know Rodie, Crumbles’ new bumbling but good-hearted brother, and Bagel, the dog obsessed with playing and peculiar eating habits. Of course, Crumbles shares more of his Crumbles Code Rules, such as “I drink warm bathwater. Don’t judge.”  But can this nervous rescue save his humans from a frozen fate or realize what it means to have a brother? Bark along with Crumbles to find out! And remember, anyone can be a hero. Proceeds benefit shelters. 

    Grades 1-4 / 102 pages / Paperback/ Eifrig Publishing LLC / Ingram distribution/ $7.99

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  • Pugbug and the Ticklish Garden

    Pugbug finds just the right leafy spot to raise her family, only to discover the peculiar plants in the garden actually move when tickled! But can they protect each other from a swarm of aphids, sharp clippers, gusty wind and a powerful rainstorm? See how this special symbiotic relationship unfolds, as both Pugbug and her plant pal demonstrate their own moments of resilience and weakness. The minimal word format allows even young readers to follow the story independently and perhaps learn something about not just nature, but human nature, as well.Books come with seeds so children can grow their own ticklish plants at home! Hardcover $19.99



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  • Achoo!

    When the usually healthy monkeys wake up on the Island of Blue to the startling sound of an unusual “Achoo,” Mayor Munkin tries hard to keep down the sneezing. But the results he gets are not very pleasing. Will he take some advice before all monkeys get sick (including himself) when his good ideas just don’t do the trick? Is the answer so simple as a sweet smelling treat, that wise monkey Mubby wants to give them to eat? How will the mayor still be a leader even if he accepts help? Sneeze along with the monkeys on this infectiously delightful tale about monkeys, sneezes and healthy eating, with a dash of elderly wisdom. Hardcover $14.99



  • Achoo 3D Cover

  • Where is Love?

    “Where is love?” Leni Lovebird desperately wants to learn from her fellow forest dwellers so she can create a love song of her very own. But Leni just can’t seem to find love where others do. Should she take the advice of a busy mole, an old owl, a lolling turtle, or a plump bee? Their cryptic advice about finding love just doesn’t make sense to Leni. Fly along as she journeys far from Mother Bird in search of enough love to sing her spring song, only to discover she has traveled a delicate circle home. Undertones of the mother-daughter connection and circular journeys in life make this a sentimental favorite. Hardcover $14.99



  • Where is Love cover 3D