• The Crumbles Chronicles

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    It is an imaginative, funny peek into a dog’s mind


    The message of dog adoption to kids!

    — Project Blue Collar
  • Laura Scott Schaefer’s children’s book, The Crumbles Chronicles: Battle of the Paper Bags, is the story of the author’s rescue dog, Crumbles. It’s filled with details about her dog and his life in their home. While it’s written for children, I think anyone who loves animals will love this book. Crumbles is funny and fearlessly honest; ‘I pee on myself: Deal with it’ is Crumbles Code Rule #1. This story is heartwarming and entertaining, and it highlights some very good reasons to consider finding a rescue dog to love. Battle of the Paper Bags is also filled with action and adventure as Crumbles and his buddy Napoleon plan their assault on the dreaded bags. It’s highly recommended.

    — Readers Favorite Book Review

    Crumbles is a dog with some hang-ups and eccentricities. His family loves him, though, and he loves his family. The story uses Crumbles himself as the narrator, so we get to see things through his eyes. Paper bags become a menace to his family and must be destroyed. Crumbles will need some help, but he’s fortunate to have some good neighbors like Napoleon, the dog next door. Rescue dogs are not perfect, but they can still be great family companions. Laura Scott Schaefer has done a good job of telling this engaging story as a chapter book for children.

    — Hog on Ice: Books and Independent Learning

    Crumbles Chronicles is an adorable and fun tale about perseverance, optimism, staying in the moment, and the importance of appreciating and using all of our traits and characteristics and seeing them as gifts. Kids will learn that a hero lies in all of us.

    — Dr. Kristy M Vanacore, Child Psychologist
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    Where is Love? is such a beautiful story! I got teary at the end it was so touching.

    — Directors, All Aboard Childcare Center

    Where is Love? is a must have snuggle-time book!

    — Willyn Webb, educator & published author

    ACHOO! is truly a gem!

    — Sherry Clark, Child Reading Specialist

    Discovering a mother’s true love with Leni Lovebird in Where is Love?

    — MagicBlox (
  • Achoo is a charming illustrated monkey tale in tasteful verse. Filled with color and charm, “Achoo” appeals to an audience of children ages 2-8, relating just what a monkey with a miserable cold should do to get well. “Achoo” is a delightful rhyming tale with comic style color illustrations that children will love.

    — Midwest Book Review

    This beautifully illustrated book is a great way to excite children about the joys of growing plants and observing bugs and nature. Pugbug reacts to the magical movement of the TickleMe Plant. The TickleMe Plant provides shelter for Pugbug. These kinds of symbiotic relationships occur in the real life of plants and bugs. This book may change the way your children look at plants and insects.

    — Mark Chipkin, Educator & Co-founder of TickleMe Plant Company

    On the Island of Blue a sneeze erupts and a pleasing tale of rhythm unfolds. Skillfully the author describes a blue hill, blue palm trees and blue spoons. Mayor Munkin, who wears a blue hat, tries to stay calm. He thinks about what to do to stop the increasing sneezes. Despite the numerous ideas the mayor comes up with, more monkeys begin to sneeze. Throughout the story, Munkin ignores wise Mubby. At last, the mayor is led to where the other sick monkeys have gathered to eat Mubby’s blue leaf soup. Achoo! is especially appealing to children with the sniffles and all will love the rhyming. Along with an appreciation of sounds and words, there are satisfying morals for young minds.

    — ForeWord Reviews

    Achoo! will appeal to any child who has ever sneezed! The easy, lilting style of the narrative and the repetitive achoos help kids to recognize sounds, an essential component to emergent literacy

    — Phylis Shulman, Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy